Are you one of those people…? You know who I’m talking about, one of those people who are always starting diets just to give them up the next day or week! Are you one of those people who goes to the gym only for the first week of the New Year because you promised yourself you’d get in shape and lose that extra 10, 15, or 20 lbs this year? Last-but not least, are you one of those people who gets on the scale everyday and sees that they’re overweight but are too scared or lazy to do anything about it?

Well, if you are one of “those” people why not try a new and healthier approach to fitness. Getting fit or in shape is like any other undertaking in your life, the more of a burden you make it the harder it is to do. As a Personal Trainer the one thing I know is…exercise should be as fun as it is intense, the more fun you have working out the more you will stick to it! If you want to get in shape and stay in shape you need to “Find Your Bliss” that is find what activities make you happy and just make them a natural part of your life. For me its boxing and kick boxing at least 3 hours a week that gets me giddy, for you it might be hiking, basketball, weight lifting, bike riding, dancing etc…Find and do what makes you feel good and make it a part of your life and daily routine as a Healthier Approach to Fitness.

Being healthy and fit should not feel like a job, you should want to exercise…you should want to eat more nutritious foods that taste great and they’re out there! Its up to you to make that choice just to be healthy, or healthier than you have been and not make outrageous promises and commitments to yourself you know you’re not gonna keep! Getting healthy as a way of life will improve your current way of life for as long as you stick with it, try it and see if you can Find Your Fitness Bliss!



When asked “Are You Fat”? Surprisingly 60 to 70 percent of people in the world will answer with a resounding yes, even though most of them would not technically qualify as being overweight or obese. So why do an overwhelming majority of the population identify with being “FAT? Why is there such a distorted self image by so many, even those who are considered to be the thinnest among us? The answers to these questions are too numerous to count so we’’ll just focus on what I call the “Nitty Gritty” reasons of this mass misperception.

First it must be understood that weight is an “Illusion”! When you look in the mirror you’re not looking at weight, you’re looking at volume or the amount of fat your body has, “You Are Not Fat”! I don’t care how Big you are or how much you weigh you are not fat, fat is just like the clothes you wear or the luggage in your closet, it is something that You Choose to put on or carry around, but unlike clothes, for most people its a lot harder to take off than it is to put on. It also must be understood that eating fat is not the problem fat is one of the three major nutrients the body needs for survival along with carbohydrates and protein, its eating fat or calories in excess to your physical needs that leads to the perception or misperception of being fat! The less fat or calories you consume the less fat you will have on your body PERIOD!

There is no magic potion, trick, or pill that will prevent this fact no matter how many informercials or magazine adds that say the contrary. You need to make a choice in your life just to be healthy and balanced, and to educate your self on the foods you put in your body, don’t Overeat or Under-eat! Your body is a beautiful, special and complicated machine that will work wonders for you and is actually quite easy to maintain if you take a little time to inform yourself on the right fuels your body needs and doesn’t need. It is your body no one can or will take better care of it than you can. Stop looking at TV and Models for your idea of health and beauty and take control! Be the Director of your life’s movie! Read the labels on the foods you eat they’re there to make it easier for you to take control and make that choice to be… Healthy and Balanced. “Not to Much – Not to Little”!