• Burn Well Over 1000 Calories Per Workout
  • Boxing/Thai Kickboxing
  • Integrated Body Circuit Training
  • Virtual Bootcamp
  • Cosmic Core Training
  • Customized Group Workouts
  • Customized Individual Workouts
  • Mobile App
Is a complete full body butt kicking session from head to toe! Body Boxing focuses on sculpting the entire body thru a combination of various types of fitness training such as Boxing/Thai Kick Boxing, Resistance Training (rubber bands and light weight lifting), Plyometrics (jumping and quick movement drills), Calisthenics (using ones own body weight), Circuit Training and anything else we can dream up for the day!  We do this in a very unique way by breaking down each 1 hour class into 12-15 min intense sections (Warm up & Abs, Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Boxing/Thai Kick Boxing) this is great for keeping workouts fresh and fun so you’re never bored and always challenged. The one constant and special ingredient in all of our Bootcamps is Boxing!
Boxing is The Best Cardio and Fat burning workout anyone can do hands down! One hour of Boxing can burn well over 1000 calories and continue to burn calories hours after the workout! This is known as the AfterBurn! Also as you learn self defense Boxing will increase ones confidence, coordination, dexterity, and rhythm, and quite frankly sometimes it just feels good to hit something! Best of all to keep up with your fast-paced schedule BODY•BOXING•BOOTCAMP can be done at HOME or at the  GYM from your Smartphone or Tablet with your very own MOBILE APP

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