“Box that Booty into shape” with an awesome Butt-Blasting workout fused with Professional Kick-Butt Kick Boxing techniques as you gain confidence to get back in those old jeans or in that new pair you’ve been eyeing for a long time! Booty Boxing’s main focus is….well what else, the BOOTY! Otherwise known as the butt, tush, fanny, buns, heinie, caboose and the more technical term the Gluteus Maximus. “Booty Boxing Bootcamp” is a totally fun and great way to shape and tone those Glutes into the Booty you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get. Booty Boxing concentrates specific intense hardcore butt and leg toning workouts with our Signature fat blasting Boxing and Thai Kick Boxing Routines to give you the butt lift you didn’t think was possible! Anyone can have great buns with “Booty Boxing”! Booty Boxing can also aid in the relief of back pain! The cause of a great deal of chronic back problems is due to having tight glutes or butt muscles not a bad back. The strengthening and massaging of these muscles can help to relieve or in a lot of cases completely relieve constant back pain as well as neck pain and in some instances shoulder pain. Booty Boxing Bootcamp as well as all of our Bootcamps is broken down into 12-15 min intense sections (Warm up & Abs, Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Boxing/Thai Kick Boxing) to give you the best fitness experience possible. Don’t keep those skinny jeans waiting any longer! Get with the program and “Box That Booty into Shape”!

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