What Can I Expect when I come to B•B•B?

You can expect to have fun, be energized and motivated when you come to Bootcamp! You will begin with a brief introduction to the trainers followed by a quick warm up session and stretching. After stretching the class will be broken down into 3-4 groups and taught by individual instructors for a period of 12 minutes then each group will rotate to a new instructor for the same 12 minute period. This is done to give you more attention and to keep you on your toes!



For sanitary reasons you should bring your own pair of heavy bag or training bag Boxing Gloves, and a Yoga mat (get them at Big 5 or Sports Authority). If you can’t find the time to get them we will have a limited few for sale. You should wear comfortable clothes and a good pair of running shoes. Dress warm for the morning classes (layers), but get ready to sweat. You should also bring a towel and a bottle of water for water breaks!



Body Boxing Bootcamp is for any and every one of all ages! Our philosophy is that you’re never too young or old to get in shape or learn how to kick some butt! At B•B•B you can take it at your own pace we do not ask anyone to do more than they can safely do!



The answer is really up to you. The people that have the greatest success, are the ones that work hard and adjusted their eating habits. First and foremost we want to look and feel great about our bodies that is most important. When you look in a mirror you don’t see weight you see volume or mass, so we don’t only want you to judge yourselves by how much weight you lose, although it sometimes is a good indicator of how fit you are. We want you to pay attention to how your clothes fit, how many inches you lose, and how good you feel when you look in the mirror! That’s the real indicator of success!


What happens if I don’t show up?

Well, you obviously will miss a great workout! Much more than that you will be adding onto the time it takes to reach your goal of a new you! B•B•B can help you to change your life for the better but only if you show up and are committed to your goal! Ultimately how you look and feel is entirely in your own hands!